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Talking about the Necessity of Cleaning of Flat Steel Surface

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The cleaning of the flat steel surface is necessary. Let's briefly analyze:

For sub flat steel, the lower the surface roughness, the smoother the surface, the harder the foreign matter, and the lower the chance of local corrosion of each part. Therefore, flat steel should be used as much as possible to finish the surface.

The cleanliness of this flat steel surface is very important. The final cleaning after passivation should be carried out carefully because the residual acid promotes the cathodic reaction and causes the film to rupture, which activates the flat steel and reduces the corrosion resistance drastically. Use environmental media.

The passivation film of flat steel is a thermodynamically restrained metastable structure, and its protection performance is related to the environmental medium. During use, it should be cleaned regularly to remove harmful substances and be attached to the surface for a long time.

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