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Galvanized angle steel use range

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Nowadays there are many different types of angles on the market, such as galvanized angle steel, stainless steel angle steel, etc. What friends do you know about angle steel? What types and uses does it have? The following Xiaobian will introduce some Let friends have a deeper understanding of the angle steel.

First of all, for angle steel, it is often referred to by the industry as angle iron. Its cross section is a long strip of steel that is perpendicular to each other on both sides. Usually angle iron is divided into equal angle steel and unequal angle steel. As long as the shape is It can be discerned that two equal-length equal-angle steels are equilateral angle steels. The long side and the short-edge are unequal angle steels. Usually, it is used for the top of the hole structure, such as the frame of the steel frame bridge on both sides, and the air-conditioning solar energy Shelves, crane booms, beams, columns, etc. on the construction site.

If the angle iron is used on the ship, it needs to have good toughness, corrosion resistance, weldability, surface properties and so on. The main reason is that the working environment of the ship is rather poor. If it cannot have the above properties, the process will be used. Failure occurs. Secondly, the chemical composition of the material is different from ordinary materials and is generally used inside the ship.

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