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40ft Prefab Modular Foldable Container House

Folding container houses represent a modern approach to modular housing, offering portability, ease of assembly, and cost-effectiveness. These homes are constructed using prefabricated steel or aluminum frames, which provide sturdy structural support. The frames are designed to fold and unfold, allowing for easy transportation and storage.

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Product introduction

Foldable Container House is an innovative residential solution that offers portability, flexibility and economy. It is constructed of a prefabricated steel and aluminum frame, and the exterior is covered with wall panels made of weathering steel or aluminum, providing good thermal insulation and waterproof properties.

The unique feature of this house is its folding design, which allows it to be easily folded up when needed for easy transportation and storage. Once at your destination, you can quickly build a sturdy, durable home with a simple assembly.

Foldable Container House has the following features:
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Portability: Thanks to the folding design, this house is very easy to transport and move. It can be folded into smaller sizes for easy carrying to different locations.

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Flexibility: The modular design of this house makes it very flexible and can be quickly assembled and disassembled as needed. Users can freely adjust the layout and size of the house according to their own needs and space conditions.

Economy: Foldable Container House has a lower cost compared to traditional construction methods. Its prefabricated components and simplified construction process reduce construction costs and enable a quick return on investment.

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Durability: With a high-quality steel and aluminum frame and weathering steel or aluminum exterior wall panels, this house has good durability and structural stability, and can withstand various climatic conditions and environmental challenges.

Customization: Users can customize according to their own needs, including internal decoration, external painting and accessories selection. This kind of customized design can meet the individual needs of different users.

Product parameter

Name Specification
Floor Grade A fireproof glass magnesium plate
Wallboard Heat insulation rock wool color steel composite sandwich panel(side wall)
Window Aluminum alloy anti-theft integrated window(push-pull Series)
Door Special anti-theft door for folding container
Roof load ≧50kg/m²
Floor load bearing ≧150kg/m²
Aisle bearing capacity ≧150kg/m²

Application scenario

Prefab Modular Foldable Container House has a wide range of applications, including but not limited to the following:

Temporary accommodation: This property is suitable for occasions where temporary accommodation is required, such as campsites, music festivals, temporary events, etc. Thanks to its portability and rapid assembly, it is possible to provide comfortable accommodation in a short time.

Construction site office: On a construction site, the Prefab Modular Foldable Container House can be used as a temporary office or lounge. Its flexible modular design can meet the office needs of the worksite and facilitate relocation and reorganization.
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Temporary classrooms: In educational situations, such as campus expansion or post-disaster reconstruction, the building can be used as a temporary classroom. Through customized design, we can meet the teaching needs of students and provide a comfortable learning environment.

Holiday Homes and homestays: The Prefab Modular Foldable Container House can be used as a holiday home or homestay, offering a unique stay experience. Its flexible design and personalized customization can meet the needs of different customers, providing a comfortable accommodation environment for holidaymakers.

Emergency rescue site: In the case of natural disasters or other emergencies, this house can be used as a temporary rescue site to provide safe shelter for victims. Thanks to its quick assembly and portability, it can be quickly set up in an emergency to provide much-needed help.

In general, the Prefab Modular Foldable Container House is suitable for a variety of occasions and uses, providing users with flexible, convenient and affordable housing solutions.

Why choose us

1.Innovative Design: Our container houses feature innovative designs that incorporate foldable and modular structures, providing you with a unique and versatile housing solution.
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2.Quality Materials: We use high-quality materials, such as prefabricated steel or aluminum frames and durable exterior panels, ensuring the structural integrity, durability, and longevity of your container house.
3.Portability and Ease of Assembly: Our container houses are designed to be portable and easy to assemble, allowing for quick setup and transportation to various locations. This convenience saves you time and effort, making it an ideal solution for temporary or mobile housing needs.
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4.Customization Options: We offer customization options to tailor your container house to your specific preferences and requirements. From interior layouts to exterior finishes, you have the flexibility to create a space that suits your style and needs.