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High quality customizable windproof and seismic detachable container house

framework:Thickness of galvanized steel sheet 2.3mm

Heat insulation:λ=0.048W/m·K

Sound Insultation:≥30dB

Waterproof grade:ll

Ground load:2.0kN/M

Windproof grade:0.60kN/

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Product introduction

Detachable Container Houses: Redefining Modern Living
Detachable container houses offer a revolutionary approach to living spaces, blending versatility, sustainability, affordability, durability, and rapid deployment capabilities. Built from repurposed shipping containers, these modular homes are adaptable to various environments and purposes, making them ideal for urban dwellings, remote retreats, or emergency shelters. With their eco-friendly footprint, cost-effectiveness, durability, and rapid assembly, detachable container houses are transforming the way we conceive of and create living spaces in the modern world.
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Product parameter

Product Type detachable container house
Warranty 1 Year
After-sale Service Online technical support
Place of Origin Hebei, China
Material Sandwich Panel, Steel, Other, Galvanized
Use Office
External size(L*W*H 5950*3000*2800mm
Inner size(L*W*H) 5750*2800*2500mm
Weight 1.35 ton / set
MOQ 1 Unit
Life Span 15-20 Years
Product name Container Houses Home
Service life 30years
Advantage Eco friendly, Fast install, wind proof, light weight
Size 20ft 0r 40ft

Application scenario

Applications of Detachable Container Houses
1.Residential Living: Detachable container houses offer affordable, customizable, and sustainable housing solutions for individuals, couples, and families seeking modern living spaces with minimal environmental impact.
2.Vacation Retreats: These modular homes are perfect for creating cozy and eco-friendly vacation retreats in scenic locations, providing a comfortable and stylish getaway experience.
3.Emergency Shelters: In disaster-stricken areas or humanitarian crises, detachable container houses can be rapidly deployed to provide temporary shelter and essential amenities to displaced populations, offering a swift and practical solution to urgent housing needs.
4.Remote Workspaces: With the rise of remote work, detachable container houses can be transformed into stylish and functional home offices or coworking spaces, offering a tranquil and productive environment away from the distractions of urban life.
5.Event Spaces: Whether it's a pop-up cafe, art gallery, or exhibition space, detachable container houses can be easily customized and transported to serve as unique and eye-catching venues for various events and gatherings.

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Internal Product Customization

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