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Made in China Expandable folding house

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Product introduction


    Foldable Design: The primary structure of the double-wing folding house can be folded and unfolded, enabling rapid setup and disassembly. Typically, the side wings of the house can fold inward, reducing the space needed for transportation and storage. Convenient Transportation: Because it can be folded, the double-wing folding house occupies less space during transport. It can be moved using common transportation methods like trucks, reducing transportation costs and complexity. Quick Assembly: A double-wing folding house can be assembled in a very short time, often within a few hours or a day. This makes it suitable for emergency needs or temporary use. Flexibility: This type of house design is flexible and can be expanded or reduced according to needs, adapting to different usage scenarios and requirements. It can be used in various environments, including urban, rural, construction sites, and remote areas.

Product parameter

Name Name Name
Name Basic Features External dimensions(mm) W6300*L5900*H2480
Internal dimensions(mm) W6140*L5640*H2260
Folding state(mm) W2200*L5900*H2480
Total weight(kg) 2500
Frame Structure Roof beam T2.5mmQ235B
Insole beam T2.5mmQ235B
End side beam T2.5mmQ235B
Center column T2.5mmQ235B
Side wall frame T2.0mmQ235B
Secondary frame T2.0mmQ235B
Hanging head T4mmQ235B
Folding hinge 13mm galvanized hinge
Overall frame protective coating Electrostatic spray/straight white plastic powder
Top and bottom of middle cabinet 80*100*2.5mm square tube
Side cabinet top and bottom 40*60*2.0 mm square tube
  Top of Box External top plate T0.5mm galvanized sheet
Internal ceiling T0.35mm 831 type internal ceiling


  Middle roof insulation 65mm high strength EPS Steel plate or T65mm glass wool
  Side wall,front and rear wall panels T65mm high strength EPS, steel plate or T65mm glass wool
  Internal partition T65mm high strength EPS, steel plate or T65mm glass wool
Internal toile 1700*1500(can adjusted size)
Floor Central part Fireproofglass magnesium floor (15mm)
Electrical System Electrical wiring,installation in strict accordance with moisture-proof specifications, all electrical products must meet CE certification.Connection circuit according to circuit engineering specifications,indoor:2 LED lights,2 ceiling lights,5 single socket 3,single socket 1,10 socket 3,air conditioning socket 1,20A leakage protector Voltage:220V,50HZ. can do American standard,European standard,Italian standard,Australian standard and other national standard sockets and voltages.
Security Doors 1SET (can adjustable door size and quantity and position)
Windows 8pieces(920*920mm)
Service Life 1 years
Fire rating Rate A
Seismic grade Grade 8
Wind resistance level Level 10

Application scenario

    Emergency Relief:

    In natural disasters or other emergencies, double-wing folding houses can quickly provide temporary shelter, helping disaster victims secure basic living conditions.
    Construction Sites:

    They can be used as temporary offices or worker dormitories on construction sites, meeting temporary needs and being easily dismantled and transported to the next site once the project is completed.
    Tourism and Camping:

    Suitable for use as camping houses or temporary accommodations in tourist resorts, providing a comfortable living environment that is easy to set up and dismantle.
    Temporary Events:

    During various temporary events, such as exhibitions, music festivals, and large gatherings, double-wing folding houses can serve as temporary booths, ticket offices, or rest areas.
    Infrastructure in Remote Areas:

    In remote or hard-to-reach areas, double-wing folding houses can provide necessary infrastructure, such as temporary schools or clinics.

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