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Personal portable public toilets are commonly used on construction sites

It is small and lightweight, easy to carry, and does not require water or fixed sewage facilities. With a simple setup, you can enjoy the same comfort and convenience as a bathroom at home.

Our portable toilets are exquisitely designed and equipped with disposable bags or chemical units to treat waste quickly and efficiently, ensuring environmental hygiene and health safety. The rugged material guarantees a long service life, giving you the confidence to spend quality time outdoors.

Whether it's camping, wilderness adventures, outdoor music festivals or casual events, the portable bathroom is your ideal choice.

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Product introduction

Our portable toilets are innovative products that meet the hygiene needs of outdoor activities, construction sites and temporary events. It is made of lightweight and strong materials to provide users with a convenient and hygienic experience. This toilet is designed to be hygienic and environmentally friendly, using disposable bags or chemical treatment devices to efficiently dispose of waste and ensure environmental hygiene and health safety. At the same time, its durable material guarantees stability and durability in a variety of outdoor environments. Whether you're camping, at a music festival or on a construction site, our portable toilets are ideal for a comfortable, hygienic environment.
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Product parameter

Essential details  temporary toilet for construction site
Warranty: 5 years
After-sale Service: Online technical support, Onsite Installation, Onsite Training, Onsite Inspection, Free spare parts.
Project Solution Capability: Graphic design, 3D model design, total solution for projects, Cross Categories Consolidation
Application: Office Building
Place of Origin: Tianjin, China
Brand Name: ZhenXIANG
Model Number: Foldable House-02
Use: House, Toilet
Product Type: Portable Toilet
Design Style: Modern
Certification: ISO9001, CE
MOQ: 1 Unit
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Application scenario

1.Camping and outdoor adventure: When camping or exploring in the wilderness, portable toilets provide a convenient solution for people to avoid pollution to the natural environment and provide comfortable hygiene conditions.
2.Music festivals and outdoor events: Large music festivals, outdoor concerts, and other outdoor events often require extensive sanitation facilities. Portable toilets can be quickly deployed to provide participants with convenient and hygienic toilet services.
3.Construction sites: Permanent sanitation facilities are often lacking on construction sites. Portable toilets provide a comfortable and private place for workers to use, helping to improve work efficiency and staff satisfaction.
4.Temporary events: Temporary events, including weddings, trade shows, sporting events, etc. may require additional sanitation facilities. Portable toilets can be flexibly configured according to the scale and needs of the event to meet the hygiene needs of the participants.
5.Emergency rescue and disaster response: In disaster events or emergency rescue operations, portable toilets can provide emergency sanitation facilities and provide basic health security for the affected people.
6.Mobile offices and vehicles: Some mobile offices, mobile work vehicles or station wagons may require portable restrooms to meet the hygiene needs of employees or passengers.
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