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Prefabricated capsules for hotel campuses

In the fast-paced modern life, people increasingly need a flexible and convenient accommodation method. The capsule rooms of Future House are designed to meet this need. Our capsule rooms combine comfort, efficiency and space-saving features to provide you with a unique living experience.


Product introduction

Expandable Container house is a residential design that is capable of changing shape or structure to increase the efficiency of space use or provide more flexibility. This may include stretchable, collapsible or rotatable structures to suit different needs and environments.
1. May be designed to provide a more flexible residential layout to suit different lifestyles and needs.
2. Suitable for scenarios that require frequent movement or temporary accommodation, such as camping, field research stations, etc.
3. Used to create unique travel experiences, such as holiday homes that can change shape according to the season or customer needs.
4. A form of emergency or disaster relief construction that provides temporary shelter and unfolds to provide more space when needed.

Product parameter

Name Name Name
Name Basic Features Dimensions 8500mm*3300mm*3300mm
Internal dimensions(mm) W6140*L5640*H2260
Floor Area 28.4㎡
0ccupancy 2
Frame Structure Steel structure frame Steel structure frame
Exterior wall panels Aluminum
Heat insulation 6+18A+6 hollow LoW-E glass or 6+6 amine insulating glass
Shell surface treatment Metal fuorocarbon paint baking paint
Balcony Panoramic balcony (l0mm tempered glass)
Peripheral light strip Peripheral light strip (surrounding ambient light strip)
Éntrance door Intelligent access control system
Ceiling Can be decorated with integrated board
Wall surface Can be decorated with integrated board
Floor High-grade wood grain lock floor
Indoor lighting effect 3000K warm yellow light
Outdoor lighting effect 4000K warm white light
Control system The whole house integrated intelligent control system
Socket panel Brand switch panel

Application scenario

  • Urban Travelers: Capsule rooms are an ideal choice for short-term stays, offering affordable prices and convenient locations for your city explorations.
  • Digital Nomads: Individuals who frequently travel between different cities can find temporary accommodations in our capsule rooms, enjoying a quick and convenient living experience.
  • Students and Young Professionals: With limited budgets and fast-paced lifestyles, capsule rooms are an ideal choice for students and young professionals. Reasonable prices and comprehensive facilities meet your study and work needs.


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